• Dry Sist technology is a joint development of Castañé Group and Opp Group companies
  • Dry Sist is the most advanced technology, available today, for the disinfection and drying of transport and sea containers.
  • Dry Sist technology development started in 2014 and after 3 years tests was introduced to the market in 2017.
  • Dry Sist technology has international patent
  • Dry Sist guarantees highest possible hygienic result, proved by many test and scientific research
  • Dry Sist eliminating chemically resistant viruses and bacteria's
  • Dry Sist significantly reducing people’s factor, influencing on the disinfection quality
  • Dry Sist provides chassis and cabin disinfection
  • Dry Sist technology guarantees the protection of the environment
  • Dry Sist provides individual electronical quality certificate for each truck or container
  • Dry Sist is recommended by leading European biosecurity laboratories
  • Dry Sist has more than 20 installations in 8 countries